Exploring New Sewing Horizons with Pfaff Snap-On Sewing Feet

Expanding the capabilities of your Pfaff sewing machine and overlock with this outstanding collection of easy-to-use sewing feet.



Page 1

Appliqué Foot, without Dual Feed

Open Toe Embroidery Foot,
6mm & 9mm

Pintuck Foot, 5 Groove & 7 Groove

Pintuck Blade, Size 1 & 2


Page 2

Pintuck Foot with Guide,
9mm & 6mm

Finger Guard

Fringe Sewing Foot

Straight Stitch Foot


Page 3

Felling Foot, 4.5mm & 6.5mm

Three-Groove Cording Foot

Shirring Foot


Page 4

Couching / Braiding Foot,
with Dual Feed

Eyelet Plate

Ruffler Attachment

Overlock Foot


Page 5

1/4 inch Quilt Foot, with Dual Feed

1/4 inch Quilt Foot, without Dual Feed

Roller Foot

Rolled Hem Foot, 2mm


Page 6

Round-Hole Needle Plate

Rolled Hem Foot, 4mm

Narrow Edge Foot

Bias Binder


Page 7

Knit-Edge / Piping / Beading Foot

Teflon Foot, with Dual Feed

7/9 Hole Cord Foot, with Dual Feed


Coverlock Sewing Feet

Page 8

Universal Tape Binder

Piping / Welting Foot

Gathering / Shirring Foot

Lace and Brading Guide


Page 9

Beading Foot

Muti-Purpose Foot

Band and Braiding Foot

Cording Foot


Page 10

Flat-Felled Seam Guide

Faggotting Guide

Strap and Belt-Loop Foot


Coverlock 4872 & 4862 Sewing Feet

Page 11

Hemmer Guide H2

Bias-Tape Guide H3

Lace Guide F3

Transparent Presser Foot F


Page 12

Clear Foot N

Fancy-Stitch Guide N1

Band & Braiding Foot Q

Cording Tounge K1


Page 13

Cording Guide K2

Multipurpose Foot C

Blindstitch Foot D

Curved-Seam Guide


Page 14

Piping and Welting Accessory

Tape Binder 40mm

Bead Needle Plate P

Swiveling Arm


Page 15

Accessory Holder

Edge Guide with Units of Measurement.

Retaining Screws

Gathering/Shirring Tongue


Coverlock 4772 & Hobbylock 4762 & 756 Sewing Feet

Page 16

Elastic Tape Sewing Foot

Blindstitch Sewing Foot

Ultra Blindstitch Sewing Foot

Piping/Cording Foot


Page 17

Shirring/Gathering Foot

Gimp Thread Sewing Foot

Bead Sewing Foot

Lace Sewing Foot

Sewing Foot Holder (756 only)

Rolled Hem Plate (756 only)


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